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Minis in Bodensee (English)
« on: January 15, 2009, 12:02:09 PM »
I am sorry to post in English - my German is almost zero - but I think I am looking for advice from people who live in Germany.

I live in Zurich, and I am hoping to buy a Mini in the next few months.  Is it reasonable to keep it on the Bodensee (German side) and start my training there?  It means I could sail most weekends, but I don't know if it is possible to get a space to keep it, or whether the sailing will really be challenging enough.

If I keep it in the South of France I could only sail maybe once / month.

All assistance welcome.

Also - if anyone knows of any boats for sale in Bodensee or Switzerland, please send me a PM.
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Re: Minis in Bodensee (English)
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2009, 23:23:39 PM »
Hi Bruce,
there were 2 minis at the Bodensee for some time, I know one left but I don't know whether the other one is still there.
Anyway, from a training-perspective in my opinion there are three major downsides to the Bodensee:
a) despite spring and fall, there hardly is wind. You rarely have more than 4Bft which isn't that much if you want to prepare for offshore challenges.
b) if there's wind, the lake is very crowded and the ferries, etc. all have priority. Hard to train single-handed sailing if you can't leave the cockpit for 5 minutes to work on something.
c) there are simply no other minis to compete against - obviously there's no guarantee that in other areas you will find more minis but the chances in locations at the shore are better I guess.

For some time I also considered putting the boat to german side of Bodensee (Langenargen area) but the problem is also a financial one. Since marina-space is so limited, first of all it's hard to find a place at all. Don't forget the 3m-beam, that means you need a box that usually is designated for a 30ft or bigger. And since at Bodensee you don't pay the space taken up by your boat - but the size of the box - that can be very expensive. (I figured about 2-3 times as expensive as at the baltic sea)

Still, I guess it would be fun to race downwind from Lindau to Konstanz on Bodensee Rundum and show some of the bigger boats what minis are capable of :)

Regarding boats, best place to look is the "boats for sale"-section in this forum. I'm not sure whether it's still for sale but "pasja" - a pretty new pogo2 located in Kiel - was for sale some time ago (see:

keep us posted on your progress ok?


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