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Logistic to race in Spain
« on: July 07, 2010, 03:39:02 AM »
Hi, I am new in the Classe Mini and I am from Salvador-Bahia.

I am planing to race in Spain in september (Mini-Empuries and Mini-Barcelona) and I would like to know how should I do transport my boat from Lorient to Lescala or French-med-coast and the logistic involved (where to leave the trailer, where to put the boat in the water etc).

My boat have a road-trailler but I dont have a car (I live in Brazil).

I heard that by Spain law is not possible to travel with a mini in normal possition (to wide).

Is possible to rent a car that could pull a mini? How much it will cost?

What french skipper used to do?

There is any skipper or suport guy that can do it for me? How much it will cost?


Kan Chuh