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SEND Finot-Conq nº353
« on: February 27, 2007, 18:49:51 PM »
Proto (Finot-Conq)  2001 hull kevlar-glass, pont of carbon. Rudders, pivotant keel, derive bowsprint in carbon.

Refit complet 2007 whit new paint. Send after Transat. New carbon mast( Heol Composites) whit PBO rigging (2007), new sails and new ropes (dynema) (2007)

NKE complet and Raymarine ST 4000

Security complet for TRANSAT

Trailer for road homologated (2006)

Generator HONDA EX7 (2006) and 2 baterie´s charguers(2006).- Solar Panel new 2007. New bateries 2007

Old sails

Aluminium mast AMCO

PRICE: 54000 euros.

The boat have all the papers

Nacho Ortí.