Author Topic: Sur Ebay NKE Gyrographic, anémo/girouette carbone, loch electromagnetique  (Read 4105 times)

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Maintenant sur Ebay,

NKE gyrographic 120575548996
NKE anémo/girouette carbone NEUF 120578317102
NKE loch electromagnetique NEUF 120578311603
NKE Telecommande NEUF 120578304194

Visible a Lorient

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Other parts now on ebay as per item references above.

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Hey John,

I lost my windwand in the Fastnet:

NKE - 90-60-369

I am in the market for one, do you have it still?

Let me know a buy now price if you have it.

I saw the thread, and can not tell from E-Bay if you still have it.

Let me know,


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Hi John

I coudn't see any of hese NKE items on eBay
Are they still for sale?
I'd be seriously interested.