Author Topic: Plans / drawings for a trailer with a canting cradle for Pogo 1  (Read 3203 times)

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I have recently bought an older mini, a Pogo 1 no. 212, for which now I need a road trailer. After a serious research and multiple discussions with various trailer builders in Europe, I realised that I would need a trailer with a canting cradle so that the overall width of the trailer would not be greater than 2.55 m, which is generally accepted throughout EU. I am in advanced discussions with a German supplier of sailboat trailers which asked me to send him the drawings and dimensions of the canting cradle for Pogo 1 so that he can send me a final offer. I have tried to find this information for several weeks now, I have even written to Pogo Structures but to no avail.

I read on a thread published on this forum about 10 years ago that some users exchanged specs of such a trailer built for a Zero. Therefore I am kindly asking if any of you has such info and would be willing to share it, I would greatly appreciate it as I need urgently such a trailer for a long journey across Europe.

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Re: Plans / drawings for a trailer with a canting cradle for Pogo 1
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the Zero has a lifting keel. Not sure if you can cant a P1 on a trailer enough to get road legal on 2,50 meters.
Cheers, Sideburns