Author Topic: Rebuilding The Unofficial Minitransat Website  (Read 6691 times)

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Rebuilding The Unofficial Minitransat Website
« on: February 12, 2015, 19:04:25 PM »
Sometimes it's a place you visit that changes how you see your life, what you decide to spend it on, which new passions to pursue and what to make of it all.

LeoV's Unofficial Minitransat Website, and especially this forum, has been one of those "places" to me. Before we slide into the philosophy of calling something like this a place, though, here's what happened:

According to my reconstructions, in 2002, I joined this forum, have since seen ups and downs, breakdowns and utter destruction, but overall have seen this place nurture and inform an incredible amount of people and their passion for Minitransat boats, how they planned their races and whole campaigns, and finally left the digital realms to really DO IT.

LeoV left the boat a few years ago after having run and maintained the forum and website for long years, Nico took over from him, assisted by Chris on the technical side. Today it's my turn - and I'll use big words here - to carry on LeoV's legacy into the future, to rebuild and develop The Unofficial Minitransat Website to be what it was, and what it should be again in the future: The premier, most compact source of information on Minis, races, and the stories of you awesome bunch of people out there who come together around this shared passion of ours.

Now, to the deal:

Behind the flat single page that currently makes up the front page of the website I'm at work in rebuilding it.

What would you want from the new website?
What do you feel is lacking the most right now?
What information do you want to see?
What, really, does the Mini community need?

Let's make this a wild discussion and let crystallize something beautiful from it.

Into the future!


PS: Leo, you made me start to use "cheers" when I first joined this place. Now there.
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Rebuilding The Unofficial Minitransat Website.

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Re: Rebuilding The Unofficial Minitransat Website
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2015, 21:35:21 PM »
Good news to know that this web site is not dead. Make it running is a huge job, and we thank you for that.
It is necessary for the exchange of infos, the good deals and all the 'do it yourself' tricks.
We will support you and promote it.

Go ahead ! Thanks

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Re: Rebuilding The Unofficial Minitransat Website
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2018, 18:54:20 PM »
A lot of the links are dead, but the information portion still looks good...why not put that site back up and then just work on updating it?

As for information, as a new user, I'm interested in where I can go to get involved, who may be local that I can meet, and what the requirements are to ultimately race the race.  Maybe an informative "650's 101" post that would encompass all of this, a list of current boats for sale, and a "mentor list" of boat owners or past competitors that are willing to share their experiences (and maybe a sail) to new-to-the-class competitors.  A current list of races that qualify as medium to long distance ocean races would be helpful.  Traffic seems light too, but I am assuming this place gets pretty busy once the race gets closer?