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Design programs
« on: August 22, 2007, 01:19:08 AM »

As I could read in some posts, here and there, some people is looking for software to design a mini or other kind of racing sailboats.
At you can download this great software programs:

Edit, sorry, if you want a torrent, just search for it :) but i am not linking to individual programs... maybe i need the real stuff in the future myself... LEOV

Just type it in the "keywords" box.

I uploaded recently, a .torrent (Mini Transat 650 at my collection of pictures, lots of videos, and more info (pdf, docs, web pages...) about mini class, serie and proto, with some design guides, etc... well... i`m finishing marine engineering, and it`s a great collection of info, a good Mini overview, I think!


You need a program, to download the files with the .torrent file, as could be bitcomet, azureus...
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