Author Topic: Did sail in the prologue of the MInifastnet 07 ?  (Read 1308 times)

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Did sail in the prologue of the MInifastnet 07 ?
« on: September 22, 2007, 10:32:46 AM »
From the CM site:

Mini Fastnet : good news !

When a lot of competitors are playing on hte Atlantic, the accountant in Douarnnez has just finished the balance of last Mini-Fastnet, and, godd news, "there is money left!"
Organisors have thought that it would not be very fair to make money our od a race taht did not happen, even if everybody has worked the same. They thus have decided to pay back a part of the entry fees, taht is to say 100 euros to the competitors ready to go during the prologue of Saturday, 16th.
To get your money back, please contact the Winches Club +33 298 74 38 05 or
Besides, the Winches Club will soon donate 4500 euros the the SNSM. This amount is due to the entry fees of people who did not respect the withdrawing rules (Article R-11-B of the guide Mini)