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Med calendar 2008 the Italian Way
« on: October 06, 2007, 13:47:22 PM »
Following the news about the race in Mediterranean sea, i can comfirm that: The italian Mini  650 Class, is confirming for the next 2008 the Grand prix d'Italie 540 nm organised by YCI of Genova , it will be in the date of 12-19 April, at the moment i'm working for to have the first Italian Mini solo not less than 100 nm the date could be about 15 days after the GPI and for the next month it could be confirmed. i'm also working for a second race of 550 nm it could have a start from a port in tirrenium sea, it could be about 36- 40 days after the GPI so around the end of may. I thing the italian racer could be about 20-25 and will expected more boat from Germany , France and Swiss . All the race must to be followed with tracking sistem , the only way for to have the media interest and sponsor , The tracking for the last GPI had give  33000 visit in 10 days! for the moment i try to do the program as said before but in same time i'm waiting propositions and suggest By Conxa (i lost her maill address sorry)in Spain, Jean Marie Vidal in la grand Motte and Bergman & La Grange in Port Camargue.
At the moment i can invited all Mini Sailor for the Grand Prix d'Italie in Genova, it is very nice race!!
I still trying to follow my program, i know which is not so easy beacause the cost of the race is very high but with international interest could be  a very good opportunity for the Mini 650 in Med.
Waiting your proposition, suggestions and  questions.
to every body Ciao
Gianluca Pantuso
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Re: Med calendar 2008 the Italian Way
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For any info about GPI plese visit