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Title: Gran Premio d'Italia Mini650
Post by: itaita on January 23, 2007, 11:00:13 AM
Hallo to the spanish Mini Sailor, here you find a news which the French Mini Class don't give beacause is following only her personal businnes.Gran Premio d'Italia Mini650 the first Italian double race, organised by Yacht Club Italiano one of the most famous Yacht club in the world!! Start on 7th of April until 14th - 519 nautical Milles - Genova - Ille du Levant - ille Giraglia - Giannnutri island - Genova. One of the best race in Med. A great opportunity in a great style. Come and you will enjoied!! take a look on -
Title: Re: Gran Premio d'Italia Mini650
Post by: ventarrón on January 26, 2007, 20:32:55 PM
Que pena de fechas ... tan proxima a la Regata de Pollensa ...

No hubiera estado mal, hacer intercambio con patrones italianos, e ir nosotros para alla, a navegar con ellos, y despues ellos venir para aca ...

Title: Re: Gran Premio d'Italia Mini650
Post by: itaita on January 30, 2007, 09:15:45 AM
you are right!!! As Italian mini Class we did a presentation in Paris of our regatta the French mini Class said something about the Spanish regatta and they said which the date could not to be so closer to the Italian regatta, but i dont' know why they posted the date so!!! In realty the best thing to do for the fututre is to have a meeting with the mediterranean Mini associations and to do a plans with out the interference of the French class!!! The class must to be an international class so all nations can decide of themself. Why there is not a Spanish Classe Mini650? About our regatta we posted the date in april just for not to be in discordance with the other mediterranea race but who posted the date of Spanish regatta? I'm sure the French Class.......
Ciao and please keep in touch because for the next year we must to have more contact so we can oganice a circuit in mediterranean,
P.S. In the last C.A. of French mini class they said wich in mediterranean sea there is not so many activity, but in the same time they don't talk about another Italian regatta of 500nm the seven islands, why ? Businnes? Nationalist? I hope no....
Title: Re: Gran Premio d'Italia Mini650
Post by: Atlantic Project on January 30, 2007, 11:53:44 AM
Hi itaita

 As far as i know, last word about dates was given by CM... even refused other dates later because were too close to the french races. I keep on wondering why there's no race in the mediterranean in august!!!!! even more, there's no alternate race to 3 Continents in July ( if not racing 3 Continents season is over for you in early July!!! it's no good to the clase health at Mare Nostrum )... answering your second question, there's no Classe Mini España yet, working on it but difficult till we find someone who's willing to take care of the thing and put time needed for the thing to work... not united yet though maybe things are slowly changing... we'll see through the year.

 It's a good idea to keep in touch because is a pity to lose this opportunities to race together...

Title: Re: Gran Premio d'Italia Mini650
Post by: imacu on February 01, 2007, 23:34:24 PM
Lo siento pero tengo que responder en espaol... soy incapaz de hacerlo en ingls.

La cuestin de fechas para nuestra regata fue entre el club y la clase mini. Si queremos que sea una regata oficial tenemos que regirnos por lo que la clase propone. Nosotros les dimos una serie de fechas que al club le podian ir bien (entre otras cuestiones, claro) y la clase nos recomend las fechas actuales. Podramos haber elgedido cualquier otra fecha pero teniendo en cuenta las regatas que tenamos nosotros en nuestro calendario y el resto de regatas oficiales. Fuimos de los ltimos en poder elegir las fechas. Tampoco nos podamos poner muy "farrucos".

De cara al ao que viene me parecera genial que nos puesieramos de acuerdo para elgir las fechas de nuestras respectivas regatas, de forma que no se pisaran las fechas, esto no cuesta nada.

Title: Re: Gran Premio d'Italia Mini650
Post by: itaita on February 02, 2007, 16:38:33 PM
Ciao Pedro e Conxa
I very happy to have a discussion with you!
You are right about the date of the race and about all you say, i think this year is a transition year in special for the Italian c.m., we are trying to do our best for to have more consideration by the french c.m. , we have for the first time a race only for mini with a new partner as Yacht Club Italiano of Genova where also we have our new social base, so for us is very important to build up a class with the respect of our authority, federal sail association and media but our project is to build a solid collaboration with the reality in mediterranean sea as spanish mini sailor as med organizations and club , in that way we can have a calendar disposed on all the period betwen april an october, the best could be to start with the calendar race in Italy or Spain and arrived on the west or est at the end of the seasom with all of the float!!! I think today you are a considrable number as Spanish mini sailor so why don't try to do a Spanish C.M? In that way we could in the next future to do another transatlantic race starting from Med with our responsability without the permit of Atlantic french mini class. That are my personal idea and dream but i'm sure... that is possible!!!!!
Kepp in touch