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English / Re: Resources List
« Last post by revision on September 06, 2018, 03:03:28 AM »
Very cool, thanks!
English / Re: Resources List
« Last post by Thomas on September 05, 2018, 01:26:22 AM »
Made this post sticky.
North American / Re: Chris Pitts Mini 565
« Last post by revision on August 28, 2018, 03:38:21 AM »
No problem at all, glad you got the PM.  There are a couple on the west coast for sale via sailboatlistings if you're budget allows.  Best of luck in the search.
North American / Re: Chris Pitts Mini 565
« Last post by Jim 505 on August 28, 2018, 01:22:01 AM »
Thanks for having a look and posting a report.

I don’t think she sounds like a suitable project for me.
North American / Re: Chris Pitts Mini 565
« Last post by revision on August 27, 2018, 23:40:16 PM »

I have more pictures of the inside and whatnot if anybody is interested further.  The keel appears to be carbon over wood and would need to be completely replaced.  The aluminum mast is what the yard is selling with the boat to replace the wood one, although it it a bit bigger than the carbon/wood one that it is meant to replace.  The mast isn't really wet, but broke instead because of the massive amount of hardward that was placed at the spreaders. It seems as if it was only a matter of time.  I am not sure if this is the original mast or not.

North American / Re: Chris Pitts Mini 565
« Last post by revision on August 26, 2018, 01:44:44 AM »
She's rough.  I'll upload some pics when I get home, but basically the yard owns her English gentleman had been daysailing her before he had her pulled...he was planning a move back to England and asked them to help him sell the boat.  During a move, the boat shifted in the slings.  Her keel (metal framework? with wood and carbon) needs to be completely rebuilt.  A stanchion is all bent resulting in damage to the deck, and her mast is snapped.  What's especially confusing to me was that the "carbon" mast was actually a solid wooden spar with an outer carbon shell.  She's tubby compared to other minis I've seen, but oh my!  I don't think you'd find more room down below...she's cavernous.  Cockpit, not so much.  I'll get some pics up early this week for anybody interested. She's been for sale at least two years...they're asking 4900 and it includes unbolting keel and loading it on to your trailer as well as a (larger) aluminum mast...the broker threatened to put the boat in the dumpster and sell sails and instruments for more than asking price, but the elecs are outdated and the sails are thoughts are if they were going to do that, it would have been around the time they bought the boat by breaking it.
English / Resources List
« Last post by revision on August 24, 2018, 01:49:40 AM »
I'm going to post things that I am finding useful here for others.

This is a history of minis as well as info on each by hull number.  I know this is linked in the sticky as well, but I never actually found it until now via here, I had found it via google.

Here is an English speaking facebook group called North America Mini Class that has a relatively responsive group of owners.

This is an info page with lots of good links and info (especially regarding the Pogo 2 class boats) by Josh at Abilyn Racing.  He has moved on from the mini class, but the info is still relevant.

This is the Sailing Anarchy North American Mini Transat thread.

This is a post I am working on here with information on the races available in the U.S. for minis.

This is a link to the classifieds section of the ClasseMini website, which appears to be the best place to find a race ready mini. (I have linked this through Google Translate as most ads are posted in French.)

This is the class information of each boat.  Some of the boats have information about design and past race history.  If it is not listed here, then it is not an official mini.

Here is a place where you can buy a pre-cut plywood mini kit of Dudley Dix design in 4 different configurations.  Plans are available separately and cheaper here.

From the old site, this is design information on series boats and this is info on proto design rules.

Here is a cool site with sailing speed records.

This PDF link is for US Sailing's safety equipment guidelines.

This link takes you to World Sailing's Offshore page, which includes the safety checklists for each category of race if you click on "Offshore Special Regulations."

This is a youtube video that shows the inside of a Pogo 2 series boat prepped for the transat race, to give you an idea of size and space when in racing trim.

A list of old and new series boats, courtesy of Thomas, and translated via google.  As he updates the post, this should also stay current.

I will edit this as I find more resources.
English / Re: Rebuilding The Unofficial Minitransat Website
« Last post by revision on August 23, 2018, 18:54:20 PM »
A lot of the links are dead, but the information portion still looks good...why not put that site back up and then just work on updating it?

As for information, as a new user, I'm interested in where I can go to get involved, who may be local that I can meet, and what the requirements are to ultimately race the race.  Maybe an informative "650's 101" post that would encompass all of this, a list of current boats for sale, and a "mentor list" of boat owners or past competitors that are willing to share their experiences (and maybe a sail) to new-to-the-class competitors.  A current list of races that qualify as medium to long distance ocean races would be helpful.  Traffic seems light too, but I am assuming this place gets pretty busy once the race gets closer?
North American / Re: list of races
« Last post by revision on August 23, 2018, 03:32:29 AM »

I will be adding distance/quals as I have time.  Unless otherwise noted, all NORs state "At the sole discretion of the OA, other offshore experience may be accepted" in lieu of the listed requirements.  Information will be updated as of the most recent set of NORs available to me as of Sept 2018.  Additionally, some of the races require the 2 day hands-on safety at sea (S@S) seminar for all or a portion of the crew.  I will not list this separately, as it is recommended for anyone sailing offshore.

East Coast

Halifax St-Pierre 350nm between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

Block Island YRA-LIS Category A 186nm  Double-handed only, no single-handed class.  No listed qualifications besides S@S for both crew members. 2018 Notice Board

Bermuda 1-2 635nm Mini skippers must have a 200nm qualifier of at least 48 hours plus an additional 300nm logged on the boat in addition to a sailing resume. 2017 NOR

Newport to Bermuda 635nm Offshore Experience Form required when applying for entry. 2018 NOR

Annapolis to Bermuda 753nm Captain and crew must submit sailing resume and have logged at least 500nm of racing or cruising including overnight sailing. 2018 NOR

Marblehead to Halifax - Category 2 363nm  Double-handed only, no single-handed class.  Qualification: "The navigator and two watch captains (one for double-handed entries) shall each have completed, in their respective roles, in no less than 3 offshore races, each no less than 90 nautical miles in length."  2017 NOR

Around Long Island Category A 205nm Double handed, no listed experience requirements 2018 NOR

Downeast Challenge (Marblehead to Boothbay)
100nm Single/Double Handed, no listed qualifications. 2018 NOR

Around Monhegan  Category 4 105nm Single or double handed.  No skipper qualifications required. 2018 NOR

Ida Lewis 112-169nm Double handed only, No listed qualifications. 2018 NOR

Vineyard Race
Category A 238nm Double Handed only, no listed qualifications. 2018 NOR

Maine Rocks Race Category 3 112nm Single or Doublehanded, Singlehanded entrants may be required to submit a resume showing a 50nm solo passage on the vessel they intend to race.  2018 NOR

Marion Bermuda 645nm Double handed only.  At the time of entry, Skipper and crew must submit resume showing at least 250nm of offshore passages. 2019 NOR

Offshore 160 160nm Category 3 Race. Single-handed only.  Skipper must have completed a single-handed passage under sail of at least 25nm without the company of another vessel aboard the yacht with which one intends to race.  Additionally, first time participants are required to provide a log showing relevant experience and good yachtsmanship. 2018 NOR

New England Solo/Twin  65-120nm  Single or Doublehanded classes available.  New entrants must include a log of experience showing at least one 25nm single or doublehanded passage. 2018 NOR

Greenport Ocean Race Category 3 80nm No listed divisions or qualifications. 2017 NOR

West Coast

The Shaka Challenge

Meridian 400




Chicago to Mackinac
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